Humanscale NeatLinks Cable Management

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Ideal for cubicles, training and conference rooms, trading environments and private or open plan offices, the award-winning Humanscale NeatLinks cable management system makes the tangled clutter of cables, power strips and ballasts a thing of the past. NeatLinks promotes a more organized workspace and gets wires off the floor to keep under-desk areas hazard-free and easy to clean.

NeatLinks channels can be installed in countless configurations to accommodate each user and unique work environment. For optimal use, power strips and ballasts should be stored in large-diameter 91mm (3.6”) channels and cables routed through small-diameter 66mm (2.6”) channels. NeatLinks can support up to 3.5kg (8 lbs) of equipment.

The textured surface of the Humanscale NeatLinks hides fingerprints, while curved, finger-friendly angles at the ends of each channel eases routing and allows visual access.

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