Bisley Side Opening Tambours

By Bisley,

Side Opening Tambours have doors that simply slide open and away into the sides of the unit. Perfect for saving both space and budget.  The side opening tambours have roll-out shelves, drawers, filing frames and rails which can all be hidden inside the cupboard’s smooth, retractable frontage. Ideal for home offices, libraries, and any office area where space is a premium and a tidy sleek design a must. Speak to us on 020 8858 4748 about our full range of Side Opening Tambours.

•   Up to 5.88 linear metres of storage is available   •   All roll-out fitments are suppled with an interlock for safety   •   Ideal for roll-out cupboard fitments such as filing frames and drawers   •   All fitments are available in light grey or black   •   10 year guarantee   •   Quality accreditations: BS EN 14073 2004 Part 2 & 3, BS EN 14074, BS 4875 1998 Part 7 level 5 & Part 8, BS 5459 1983 Part 3, DIN 4554/485, BS 476 Part 7 1987 Class 2Y

Alternatively call for our best price and further info on 020 8858 4748